scéal is a collective of creatives from all artistic disciplines in North County Dublin in Ireland.

The only rule is BE YOURSELF and the scéal is building an underground movement focused on making Balbriggan a Destination for the Arts.

scéal is an arts collective comprising 100+ of creative people from all disciplines from visual arts to music and everything in between, with the goal of developing an underground arts movement to make Balbriggan a Destination for the Arts.

scéal’ was formed to help coordinate the collection of the equipment, materials and artwork from the Culture Night event in 2022.

The group grew organically from 10 to over 150+ local creative people of many disciplines in 2023 and eventually leading to the group being known as the Scéal arts collective.The community formed relationships across disciplines and all levels of talent agreed to collaborate from people with community arts projects experience all the way to professional artists and musicians, sharing the same space.

There have been discussions over a manifesto or ‘house rules’ set out formally in The Warehouse, but the single simple rule of ‘Be Yourself’ became the mantra for the SCÉAL community.

Since the beginning all the events generated buzz for the entire group and the burgeoning arts scene, the established groups in the town continued to thrive.

In 2023, Balbriggan was awarded the national Arts Council funding, nominated as an official Creative Place with the scéal collective as a primary partner in the project.

scéal has also been generously supported by Fingal County Council and Creative Ireland on various initiatives.