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an initiative from scéal arts collective
a festival curated and coordinated by Valeria Ceregini

how it’s made: meitheal is an exhibition and series of events designed to consider how things are extracted from the natural world in modern society and artists reflections of that concept.

Artists were paired with engineering experts to learn about how everyday objects are made (i.e. t-shirts, hamburgers, mobile phones, cars, Lego blocks). The artists were invited to create an artful manifestation of the process for a group exhibition, meitheal (an old Irish term that describes how neighbours would come together to assist in the saving of crops or in other tasks)

how it’s made is an initiative by the scéal arts collective, the project is curated and coordinated by Valeria Ceregini.

how it’s made



9–23 september 2023
Balbriggan, co. Dublin

5 exhibitions

6 locations

8 workshops

8 public talks

17 performances

3 scientists

34 artists



1 community

how it’s made